What is FarmerLink?

FarmerLink is a data platform for Farmers in developing countries. It allows Farmers to link professionally and meaningfully to their producer group, clients, suppliers and financiers.

FarmerLink features


Farmer data collection: crop and production data, plot and equipment data. Application suitable for low internet coverage zones, due to offline capture and synchronization feature.


Farmers to their farmer groups, suppliers, clients and financiers. The farmer can inform them by disclosing its data.


Farmers get insight in their own historical situation; benchmarking with other Farmers or Farmer Groups is possible. 

Business planning

Farmers are guided and equipped to use their data for improved informed decision making to develop their agribusiness.

Solution for Farmer Groups and their agents

…the offline data capture and one-time registration of farmers, Farmer Groups, plots, products, production and sales, leading to timely, synchronized and non dispersed information.

✔️  It gives the field agents overview over all members they serve and provides insights in specific situations to make quick wins. (bench-marking and interactions between different profiles of farmers)

... the field agents have an overview on the basic administration of producers, historical data and potential production of the farmers; 

✔️ The field agent can provide better advice and insight to the farmers.

Solution for Farmer Groups and their agents

…for the communication on purchase price between buyers and farmers.

✔️ So that farmers have accurate price information at the same time.

…the producers, producer groups and buyers to monitor registration of product deliveries and advances and transactions direct and real time.

✔️ So that logistics can be organized​.

…the offline registration of Plantations, photos, trainings, inputs, equipment other products, GPS position for producers​

✔️ So that KPIs can be easily calculated and visualized.

Open platform

Data can easily be exchanged with Excel, Power BI or other systems through APIs.

This data exchange can be configured and customized. Farmers decide whether and which data they will share.

Direct insight and analytics

Customization of dashboards on main KPI's, defined by the Farmer, the Agent and the Farmer Groups.

FarmerLink demo - web portal

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