FarmerLink: data-driven decisions, meaningful connections for smallholder farmers.

FarmerLink is a data platform for smallholder farmers in developing countries, enabling them to make informed decisions for entrepreneurial farming and establish meaningful connections with group members, agents, clients, suppliers, and financiers.


Agricultural Solution
for Farmers 🌱

Collaborative Farmer Groups and Efficient Factories
Our solution offers offline data capture and real-time registration for farmers, farmer groups, plots, products, production, and sales, ensuring timely, synchronized, and centralized information.

Farmers retain full data ownership and have the authority to share relevant information with related parties, granting permission as they see fit.

Empowering African Farmers:
Cultivating Connections and Growth.

We have achieved connecting thousands of farmers across Africa in different supply chains, including cashew, rice, vegetables, maize, cowpeas, and sesame. This initiative has strengthened agricultural networks, benefiting communities and promoting sustainable practices.


🔌 Farmers connected


✅ Plots registered

Digital Services

In addition to the FarmerLink basic version, we offer a suite of digital services.

Deforestation and EUDR compliance
Deforestation and EUDR compliance ✅
Shaping a Sustainable Supply Chain Future

The EU anti-deforestation regulation extends its scope to encompass seven specific commodities and their derivatives. It mandates that companies engaged in the import and export of these commodities substantiate their deforestation-free status, applying universally regardless of their location.

In anticipation of these regulatory demands, companies should proactively undertake a series of strategic measures, including the thorough accumulation of data, a comprehensive evaluation of compliance risks, and the streamlining of supplier processes to ensure a smooth transition to a deforestation-free supply chain ecosystem.

FarmerLink fully embraces EUDR (EU Deforestation Regulation) compliance. This is achieved by significantly enhancing traceability, promoting transparency, and fostering sustainable practices across complex supply chains, integrated with deforestation satellite imagery data cross checking.

✅ The main benefit is to have full compliance to the EUDR, to access the European market.

Carbon sequestration
Carbon sequestration 🌻
Enhancing Sustainability

FarmerLink offers the capability to collect and report data in accordance with carbon credit principles, establishing a transparent and sustainable evidence base. This includes measuring plantation size and characteristics and quantifying potential and realized carbon sequestration in alignment with criteria and the ISO 14064 standard.

Our platform allows farmers to participate in the carbon credit market, attracting clients for carbon offset. Essentially, farmers can produce sustainably, with well-maintained plantations sequestering carbon, providing an additional service that benefits the public by reducing atmospheric carbon emissions.

✅ The primary advantage lies in the integration of carbon sequestration as a service within the value chain, provided by the farmer and acknowledged and rewarded by the various actors in the chain.

Product traceability and transparency
Product traceability and transparency 🔍
Unifying the Supply Chain

The traceability system in FarmerLink involves various supply chain actors such as farmers, aggregators, processors, and international buyers. It utilizes an integrated lot code system to track sales transactions, enabling both backward and forward tracing of lots throughout the supply chain.

FarmerLink also provides warehouse management features to monitor inbound and outbound transactions and track stock inventories in each warehouse. Additionally, it offers integration with weighing devices at different locations.

✅ The main benefit is greater chain responsibility and compliance with certification standards throughout the chain, offered to and rewarded by the consumer.

Access to finance and contract management
Access to finance and contract management 💳
Streamlined Access to Finance and Contract Management

FarmerLink provides a feature to enhance the relationship between financial service providers and farmer organizations. This feature, called "Access to finance and contract management," enables financial service providers to gain a comprehensive view of farmers' assets and operations.

Our platform also offers farmers a digital application to assess potential loan requests and submit them to the financial service provider. The system also monitors the loan amount through farmers' transactions, providing insights into contract execution and payment progress.

✅ The primary advantage is enhancing transparency, improving transaction efficiency, and maintaining a reliable transaction history, which ultimately leads to better risk assessment and an enhanced reimbursement rate.

Dynamic Surveys

Dynamic Surveys 📝

Introducing a comprehensive Survey Module that empowers users to create customized surveys encompassing various question formats, from multiple-choice to open-ended.

The intuitive interface simplifies the survey creation journey, enabling users to effortlessly design, modify, and structure surveys tailored to their specific agricultural needs.

By capturing data in real-time, farmers access timely insights, enabling quick and well-informed decisions to address dynamic agricultural demands effectively.

✅ The primary advantage of the Survey Module is its flexibility, enabling users to easily create tailored surveys for comprehensive data collection, leading to informed decision-making in agriculture.

Empowering Agriculture through FarmerLink

FarmerLink empowers Farmer Groups by delivering comprehensive member insights, encompassing intricate details on plantations, production, sales, and measurements.
This data-driven approach revolutionizes agricultural management, fostering efficiency and growth within the farming community.


Farmer Groups can efficiently organize their relationships and connect with clients, suppliers, and financiers through the platform.


Field agents play a crucial role in managing and coordinating activities within Farmer Groups.

Farmers are provided with Farmer cards featuring QR-codes, simplifying identification and access to relevant data.


Farmer Groups and Factories can effectively manage warehouses and stock within the supply chain.

The platform ensures comprehensive supply chain management and transparency for both Farmer Groups and Factories.


All stakeholders have the opportunity to collaboratively define product specifications, varieties, and quality standards, promoting a cohesive agricultural ecosystem.

Data Analytics

Business Intelligence (BI) & Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Enhanced Analysis and Reporting for Farming Businesses
Enhanced Analysis and Reporting for Farming Businesses

In-depth Reporting on Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) within the Farming Business.

Robust Data Quality and Customizable Data Filtering for Accurate Insights.


Seamless API Integration with External Software Applications, offering connected reports in Microsoft Excel and PowerBI.

FarmerLinkData Utilization

Hierarchical organization of farmer groups.

Dynamic API connections with Microsoft apps for standard reporting.

Configurable data filters (campaigns, farmers, plots).
Integrated data quality checks for accurate analysis.

Business planning
Business planning

FarmerLink empowers Farmers, Farmer Groups, and Factories with structured data collection, shared information, and collective analysis.

As a result, there has been a remarkable boost in the performance of business planning.

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Entreprise Terrritoires et Développement
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Southland Kati cote d'Ivoire
Southland Kati cote d'Ivoire

The Uganda National Apiculture Development Organisation

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